Sunday, September 5, 2010

Workout Summary 9-5-10

Today's workout:

- Jogged around Long Beach Pier for 1 hour; no stopping or walking.
- Worked out for 20 min:
20lbs curls / 3 sets / 10 reps each hand
15 lbs tricep extensions / 3 sets / 10 reps each hand
25 lbs arm lifts / 3 sets / 10 reps each hand
Pushups / 3 sets / 12 reps

Total time: 1 1/2 hrs

Monday, August 2, 2010

Return to Battle!

I'm back. After two months of slacking off... I was like F this. No more mister fat guy. Let's do this forreals.

Just completed Core Synergistics.. doing P90x Lean first, before I go classic this time. Also gonna work level best to follow the diet laid out and above all STAY POSITIVE.

No NEGATIVE thinking :)

- Mister U.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yoga X

Ah Yoga X, how you work me to the bone. I sweat probably a gallon today trying to hold myself in X-TREME poses thanks to P90x. Wheel pose FTW!! Seriously, that is a godawful pose.

The hardest part is definitely the beginning. You keep doing the Vinyassa where you squeeze your body through your arms and stretch up; then come back to center, pushup and go to a dog pose where your butt is in the air and everything else pointing downards. Finally you do runner's pose, bend one knee and come up stretching your hands up to the sky, then forward, then backwards. You do this like 12 to 15 times, I can't remember but it's superrrrrrrr tedious. You get super tired fast. I would lose balance too a couple times.

After the first 45 min of doing this, the next 45 min is not as hard but still hard. You do more balancing poses, where you stand on one leg then lean forward, backward and up to the sky. Then you get to crazy ass poses where you lift yourself up on your arms and stick your legs out -- the dreaded Crane pose, and then you move to the Wheel pose where you are on all fours upside down. Top it all off with the Yoga Flame move and you're out of breath. Just kidding, you don't do a Yoga Flame move -- this isn't Street Fighter.

Yeah... I sweat a gallon today. I feel really stretched out, but at the end of all of it I feel good. That's 4 days in a row!!! Haven't missed a single workout! I cheated a little though today -- my company had a pizza party, so I had a few slices. But after that I have been pretty good about eating the regular stuff. I probably shouldn't have eaten the pizza slices but it was right there and I felt a small portion wouldn't hurt. I didn't have any sodas or anything else, so I think I'm okay.

Keep going!! On to Back & Legs tomorrow!

- Mister U.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plyometrics Fun!

God, so mad I skipped Plyo last week. Well as a result, doing Plyo this week was HELL! I never sweat so much in my life. At least I did the whole thing though...super proud of myself.

You do like hundreds of squats and jumping back and forth. Soooo crazy. The first time around I think I didn't try as hard. This time I was going X like.

But all in all great workout. I love it when I come home like super worked out and sweaty; my friend Ernie was commenting today how I was able to leap through Pentland Hills' hills (it's my old Dormitory where he lives now) with the greatest of ease. "Are you getting fit?" he asked. Lol, why yes I am!

I like that feeling... I like the fact I can leap through boundaries and hills with the greatest of ease. Honestly, even tho I'm 27, I feel like I'm 22 or 23 again. People often mistake me for being that young. Even dorm kids think I'm a sophomore or something. They're super surprised when they find out I'm this old man! They're like "NOOO WAYY!! You don't look it!" What's really funny is when I was actually 22, people thought I was 27, because I was so out of shape and looked probably my worst. I had the real freshman 15 at that time.... o_O. Well, I've got my second chance at childhood again :) -- That's the way I look at it.

Hopefully after P90x finishes I can do some hardercore workout stuff. I plan to keep going... I'm loving this workout stuff. Mel, if you're reading this, maybe I'll join you some day on the marathon runs... sounds crazy right now, but I'm up for the challenge.

- Mister U.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 3 Chest & Back

It's week 3! I finished Chest & Back today. I was pretty clean about my workout, I made sure my form was good throughout. Only towards the end did I get a little sloppy, especially when I had to do the Diamond Pushups. That's HARD.

I feel like my arms are definitely expanding. I still am struggling to finish reps, especially pullups. I have to use a chair often to finish; but I was reading that it's really common to start out that way in P90x. I still have like 10 weeks to go through before I can start knocking this stuff out of the park.

But I feel good overall. I have way more energy all in all. I also did Ab-X; I didn't skip on it like last week. Ab-X is still a pain though. I definitely need to practice it more...

My body is starting to shed fat. I can tell; my chest looks better and I have definition. But I've only been doing this for 2 weeks, so it's not like I've changed that much. It could all go to the wayside if I stop. Can't stop.

Actually, I want to continue... I want to do more; like run or something. I should read the forums and see if that's okay to do.

As far as eating -- I'm doing good; I bought groceries over the weekend and have stuck to eating lots of good vegetables and protein. Today I ate well too. I ordered some protein bars -- they're on the way so I'll have those soon to snack on mid-day.

Things are going good again! No skipping workouts this week! Everything's going to be super clean, with major focus on form and getting through reps.

- Mister U.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Week So Far

Not feeling that great with myself. I missed two workouts this week, plus didn't complete Ab Ripper X twice. All because I didn't schedule my time well. Monday and Tuesday, I had to help out my friend Tim with movie shooting. So I only had time to do complete Chest and Back on Monday; I skipped the Ab Ripper X because Tim was getting pissed I hadn't shown up yet.

We ended up working on the movie pretty late. The next day I had work in the morning but thought I'd do Plyometrics before work. Couldn't... I slept in. So when night came, I had barely enough time to complete Plyometrics. I ended up turning off the DVD because Tim started calling again. Worked on the movie til 1:30AM... don't get me wrong, movie production is super fun, and something I enjoy... just I didn't make the time to complete the P90x which sucked.

Wednesday, I worked Shoulders and Arm hardcore. But ended up skipping Ab Ripper X because a friend wanted to hang. We ended up watching a movie that night.. The good part of that night was the friend cleared out some of my junk food - she ate all the chocolates and chips in my pantry :)

Thursday, I was super drained. I didn't have enough energy to do Yoga X. Mentally I couldn't tell myself to continue... I had no willpower. I stopped the DVD 1/3 of the way and fell asleep on my floor. I woke up the next morning really disturbed... compared to last week, where I could do every P90x exercise, I was a disaster this week.

I decided to check my diet today. I think my diet is too little for the program... for P90x, I need at least 2600 calories... at the moment, I measured my last daily food calorie count and it came in like 900 calories... that's way low... no wonder I feel burnt out. I need more food. I'm going to get more groceries this weekend and cook more food.

Today I focused on being in the 'moment' with Tony for Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X. I threw out all my negative thoughts and just did the exercises. Thankfully I was able to complete it, but it was one of the hardest workouts I've ever done. My head was spinning after a ton of pullups and squats. The Ab Ripper X was insanely hard today. But I'm super glad I did it. Yay for strong mental willpower!

Tomorrow I'm going to do Kenpo X early; I have some plans later in the day and don't think I can do it any time after. Sunday, I'll get some groceris and make up for lost exercises. I'll do Yoga X and Plyometrics with Ab Ripper X. That should be hella hard but gorgeous. :) Fun Fun Fun!

- Mister U

Friday, April 16, 2010

Back & Legs - Post Workout Thoughts :)

Yay! I didn't really feel like working out tonight... I was super low energy... thinking about rejection from a girl I asked out. I went home and felt crappy on my bed - eventually falling asleep. I woke up like 2 hours later and my brain was ticking - workout, workout, workout!!! I kept saying why, why, why??

Finally, I just got up and started. Thank god. I hate the noise in my head. I need to stay committed. Initially I was complaining - aww man I got two workouts - Back & Legs and Ab Ripper X. I was like, man it's going to take an hour and a half! But as said before, I cleared the noise and went to work. And now I feel great. I did much better on Ab-X this time, last time I couldn't do anything.. this time I was able to make it through the sets. Next time, I'll bring it!

In other notes, I can probably mix resistance bands with more pullups.. I'm starting to feel myself get better at them. I can't do a whole lot, but I can do some.. which is a good thing. I notice my body is starting to look a little better too. I'm still fat, but I have a little definition around my back and arms, plus around the chest area. I also have been super hungry - A LOT... but staying true to eating small portions and sticking to the plan.

Next week, I'm going to really be hardcore about P90x.. this week was a test week to see if I could survive. I'm going to spend this weekend getting some better groceries too. Also got my shipment of Results and Recovery formula - it tastes like Orange Juice, but it's pretty good.

Overall, I'm not worried about rejection. My mind is trained to use it to make me better. I see rejection as a correction - towards getting to a goal. When you get rejected, you figure out what worked, what didn't and then you work. In my case, my competitors look better than me in terms of body. I gotta step up if I wanna play. That's why I'm in this... I read today on forums for men only - that guys tend to get rejected on average 90% of the time when they ask a girl out. I was like, HOLY SHIZZNT. I didn't think it was that high. But if you think about it, girls get asked out all the time... so they have plenty of options. If you want to improve your chances, don't be average. That's the name of the game. :)

- Mister U